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Year Round Sunroom Technical Information


Vinyl sunrooms are constructed without visible fasteners, employing vinyl-clad extruded aluminum components. The aluminum provides the structural strength; the vinyl cover provides insulation. Betterliving vinyl studio and gable (A-Frame) roofs are constructed with PanelCraft® Building panels.

Year Round Vinyl Sunroom Options
Color White, Desert Sand
Roof Style Studio (Sloped), Gable (A-Frame), Under-existing
Roof Panel Thickness 3", 4 1/2", 6" 
Roof Panel Colors White/White, White/Desert Sand, Desert Sand/Desert Sand
Kneewall Vinyl Panel, and/or Glass
Door & Window Standard Heights
Window 57"
Window Above Kneewall 81 3/8"
Window Above Kneewall with Full View Transom 95 5/8"
Window Above Kneewall with Grand View Transom 104 5/8
Door 81 3/8"
Door with Full View Transom 95 5/8"
Door with Grand View Transom 104 5/8"
Door & Window Standard Widths
Windows 35 1/2" to 83 1/2"
Doors 59 1/2" to 83 1/2"
Year Round Vinyl Sunroom Components
Corner Posts Vinyl-Clad Extruded Aluminum
Electrical Raceways NEC Compliant
Adjustable Header Vinyl-Clad Extruded Aluminum with Built-in Raceways
Engineered Laminated Beam  
Gutter Extruded Aluminum
Roller Wheels Steel, self-lubricated ball bearings, zinc coated and adjustable
Glass Tempered Glass
Screen Frame Extruded Aluminum
Screens Heavy Duty Black Aluminum Mesh
Skylights 18" X 34"

Betterliving Year Round Sunroom Warranty


Roof panels, extruded frames, and other components manufactured by Craft–Bilt Manufacturing Company for Betterliving® Patio & Sunrooms will be free from factory defects in materials for fifty (50) years from the date of contract. In addition, tempered glass in the sliding windows and doors is warranted against spontaneous breakage for fifty (50) years from the date of contract. Insulated glass is warranted against seal failure for fifteen (15) years from the date of contract.

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