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“Digital Dirt”

This is the title story in the February issue of Replacement Contractor. The rise of complaint sites and online posts have become a problem for good companies. Seeing the consumer’s gripe, hundreds of people looking for information about a company can be influenced by comments that only show one side of a story.  Many of the sites are un-policed unregulated, and full of negatives. What can companies do to protect themselves against unfair allegations?  We’d love to hear your feedback on how you, as a consumer, use and are influenced by other consumer comments.  Do you always believe what you read?

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I think that if a customer is satisfiesd by your company givern service, they won't have any reason to post such a thing.
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Misleading informations should also be considered by customers.
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This serves as a call for digital businesses.
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People should also be cautious with detecting fake negative comments.
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I hope business won't take these negative comments to hearts.
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A feedback will also be helpful to improve a business.
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