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Great Sunroom Service in Pittsburgh

At our annual sun room dealer meeting, Ray Hepp, owner of Betterliving of Pittsburgh, earned an award for personally sellling more sunrooms than any other single person in the entire sunroom dealer network.  So I wasn’t suprisied to receive a copy of the following note from one of Ray’s homeowners.

Hi, Ray!

We want to thank you for the outstanding service you and your employees offer to your customers. It is a rare find these days to encounter a company conducting business as professional and proficient as Betterliving. You need to be commended because it all starts at the top. From our first design appointment with you, to Terry and his crew building the room, to Dee in the Service Dept., and Carl repairing the trim on one of the transoms, they have all been such positive experiences. Everyone is very professional and courteous. And by the way, Carl did a beautiful job on the repair. We would not hesitate a second to recommend you and Betterliving to any one. Thank you for the beautiful sunroom. We enjoy it so much.


Vicki S

We are so proud to know that our independent dealers make customer care a priority – in the same way that we focus on quality sunroom manufacturing here at our factory!

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