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Sunrooms – Great Place to Build a Burger Bar!

With the start of summer, many people are preparing for graduation parties, pool parties, or outdoor dinner parties with their family and friends.  And Flat Andy knows how to throw a summer party.  His parties are known for weeks and everyone talks about his party weeks after.  The best part of his parties is how he decorates his sunroom.  Usually, his sunroom is overflowing with people trying to get in there to sit and relax during the party.

Before the party even starts, Flat Andy strategies on how to make his party the best that it can be.  So before getting the supplies, you need to think about how you will set up your party and the food.  Most times, the bugs and heat can spoil the food for you and your guests.  A sunroom or patio room would be a great solution to keep the bugs and heat away from your food.  As the host of the party, you can set up tables in the sunroom to place all the food on.  The bugs will stay away, and the cool air will keep your food fresh for your guests to enjoy.  Also by putting your food in your sunroom, it gives you and your guests more space to sit outside and enjoy the weather, while watching your kids play in the pool or backyard.

With all of the summer parties going on, the food becomes a second thought most of the time and usually the host goes with the safe bet of hamburgers and hot dogs.  I am sure that you and your guests are sick of these same summertime menus.  Maybe it is time to surprise your guests by spicing up your menu.  Instead of having the usual hamburger and hot dog, offer a burger bar to your guest.

Here are suggestions on a simple and great burger bar to offer at your party:

  1. The most important ingredient is your meat.  Make sure that you have plenty of meat for your guests to be plenty full when they leave your party.  The usual estimate to count for your guest is 2/3 of a pound of ground meat per person.  The best ground meat is 80/20.  The more fat that your ground meat has the juicier and better tasting your hamburger will be.
  2. Forming your patties will determine the amount of time that you cook your hamburger.  The best hamburger portion size is about 1/3 of a pound.  This size gives you the room to cook the hamburger to the guests’ preference without over cooking it.
  3. The next two essential ingredients are the bread and the cheese.  Having a couple different choices allows your guests to make their burger to their liking.  Ciabatta, pita bread, potato roll, Kaiser Roll, English muffin, and regular hamburger buns are great options to provide.  The pita bread and the English muffins are perfect for your guests that want to choose the healthier side.  Now, some people do not like cheese on their hamburger, but I love cheese!  Excellent cheeses for hamburgers are cheddar, American, pepperjack, Mozzarella, Muenster, Feta, and goat cheese.
  4. Next, comes the fun part.  The Toppings and Condiments!   Having a variety of toppings and condiments allows your guest to make the best burger for them.  Provide different types of vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, sweet onion, lettuce, red and green pepper, and anything you want to set out.  Also, put out jalapenos, green and black olives, avocado, fried onions, pineapple, slices of ham, banana peppers, sauté mushrooms, etc.  Now for the condiments.  Set out different types of mustards, ketchup, BBQ sauce, steak sauce, hot sauce, mayo, chipotle mayo, etc.  This is where you can get creative and put out toppings and condiments that your guests might not like would be good on a burger.
  5. Now enjoy!

*Option:  To make the burger bar a little more interesting, create a contest out of it for your guests.  Who can create the best burger! Pick a judge from one of your guests.  Whoever wants to participate, have them pitch in a couple of bucks to reward for the winner.  Make a couple of extra burgers and cut them into quarters; one quarter for each participant.  Have each participant put the toppings that they want on, plus choose the bread and cheese.  Associate each burger with a letter, so the judge has no idea who made what.  Now it’s time for the judge to choose the win!

Besides the food being spoiled by the bugs and the heat, many other problems can arise when having an outdoor party.  For example, the heat becomes too strenuous for some of your guests and there can be unexpected rainstorms.  In addition to solving the bug problem, a sunroom can be a great solution for these problems.  Your guest can escape the heat and the unexpected rainstorm by coming into your sunroom to hang out in a dry, cool environment.

Having a burger bar within your sunroom will make your party stand out from the rest.  Your guests will be talking at the end of the night about how much fun your party was and how great and useful your sunroom was.  Whenever you have a party again, you will sure have people wanting to come!

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If the Android sell is less than 4.1 because Mobdro app only supports to those android phone more the 4.1 android version.
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In our everyday life, we love to get entertained in the middle of our work by watching movies, TV shows, and some sports, so that we can lower our stress a little bit. But watching TV at that time is not a possible for us.
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Mobdro is an application that discovers free video streams online on your Android telephone or Tablet. You can get this application on Computers and Laptops too.
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This error will only come to your screen if your Android phone is less than 4.1 because Mobdro app only supports to those android phone more the 4.1 android version.
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Apple has released iOS 11 download for developers on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iOS 11 features like drag-and-drop and a redesigned multitasking interface for iPad, a new customizable Control Center, and much more
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