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More on Clutter

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There’s a reason for the new reality shows on hoarding – most of us have too much stuff.  Thinking ahead to your spring cleaning – and who doesn’t want to Think Spring during these coldest months of the year – some more tips to unclutter your home from Donna Smallin, author of 7 Simple Steps, and 700 tips and ideas.

Kick the Shopping Habit

  • Consider buying less stuff in general.
  • Go shopping only when you need something -  make a list and stick to it
  • Minimize impulse buying by leaving your credit card at home when you browse.  If it really is a must-have item, you’ll be willing to pay cash for it.
  • Don’t go to a garage sale unless you are looking for something specific
  • Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale!

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This post is so accurate!! My house is always cluttered with things!! I'll definitely be keeping these tips in mind so that i don't gather more clutter!!
9/8/2017 1:23:49 AM
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So hard for someone who is addicted from shopping.
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Clutter is anything that takes up space, serves no useful purpose, and gets in the way of things that DO serve a useful purpose. XP look a lot less 'cluttered' in that it gets rid of unnecessary or mostly unused items and either gets them out of sight or gets rid of them all together. It would be akin to having a room full of junk and going in and getting rid of what you need and putting the rest up where it goes. Just looks nicer and gets rid of stuff you don't want but is normally shown
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