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Reduce Your Energy Costs with Exterior Solar Shades from Betterliving

Reduce your energy costs with solar shades.
Reduce your energy costs with solar shades.

George saved money with exterior solar shades for his sunroom

George Pastilli, a member of our shipping department for 14 years, stopped me in the hall last week to show me his air conditioning bills. In spite of rising energy costs, his 2008 bill was a lot lower than last year.
George used his employee discount here at Craft-Bilt to buy exterior solar shades for his sunroom. George and Shirley have had a sunroom for about 5 years, and they love it, but George complained about the rise in their electric bill when they added an AC unit to cool their room.
Once the shade was installed on the western wall of the sunroom, George told me, he only needed AC when the weather was hot and very humid.
Like Flat Andy always says, if your only shades are on the outside, you’re losing the energy battle.

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